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Practice Areas Our Service Covers

“From those to whom privilege and opportunity have been given, we have a right to expect much.”

- John Vasconcellos -

Introducing Our Focal Areas

There are a number of areas of practice to the law, and no lawyer manages to build expertise in every one of them. That is why it is important for you to connect to the right free lawyers for the job when you are seeking legal aid. The following practice areas cover the vast majority of the civil cases that most people are likely to encounter, and our robust criminal defense recommendations balance out the list.

Car Accidents

When two or more people are involved in an accident, determining liability can be difficult. Often, the parties who are not liable have claims for damages that can cost the owner of the liable vehicle and the insurance company that covers it a lot of money. For those who need to connect to that compensation to get back on their feet, the process of determining liability and getting claims paid is the process of making sure they are able to heal properly and get back on their feet. Our free attorneys are experienced with auto accidents, and they understand how waiting can take a toll.

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Truck Accidents

Finding a lawyer who understands how accidents with commercial drivers are different from accidents between consumer vehicles is very important when you have been injured in a truck crash, because the law differs when it comes to assigning liability to commercial vehicles. If you are dealing with expenses related to a truck crash, finding free legal aid for low income earners might mean the difference between getting back on your feet again and being stuck in a rut caused by injuries and medical debt. Connect with the pro bono legal assistance you need to get ahead today.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injury can happen in a variety of circumstances, and the precise areas of the law that cover it are fairly diverse. It can be as simple as property liability litigation around something like a slip-and-fall or a preventable error on the part of the staff at a business. It can also include more indirect injuries that happen because of the actions of others at a distance, like when injuries result from the improper design or manufacture of consumer goods. No matter what the source, getting the compensation you need to get on your feet again means finding free legal aid if you are unable to pay.

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Assault Injury Litigation

Sometimes, others commit assault and cause bodily harm that requires a fair amount of medical attention to recover from. When you have been assaulted, hold your assailant accountable for all of the consequences of that action by making sure you are able to litigate for the damages you need to pay those medical expenses and get your feet back under you after you are the victim of assault. It can be difficult to know who to turn to for help, but there are attorneys out there with both the experience and the knowledge to help you when you need someone to turn to.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you are accused of a crime, you have the right to representation that adequately defend yourself. That means knowing you attorney is familiar with the ins and outs of the criminal litigation process, because it is a different kind of process from civil litigation. Criminal defense lawyers usually work with a range of different kinds of offenses, like DUI defense or assault, drugs, and so forth. When you connect to our network of free criminal defense attorneys, you can get help finding one that is the best possible fit for your unique situation. That way, you know you will have the help you need.

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Real Estate Law

Last but not least, when you need help settling a case involving property rights, you know you need to get legal advice from someone who is trained to understand that aspect of the law. Usually, that means finding someone who specializes in real estate issues. Whether you are buying a new property and performing your due diligence, looking into discrepancies with a title, or working to resolve disputes related to the ownership of individual pieces of property, the right legal advice will make a big difference as you work to resolve your situation.

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