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Pro Bono Lawyer

Service Provider

Enjoy the Benefits of an Extended Network

When you work with us to find pro bono legal assistance, you gain the benefits of a vast network of attorneys who are looking to provide free legal aid for clients with a variety of needs.

Help in All Legal Areas

Our network of free lawyers includes people who practice nearly every form of law, including most areas of civil litigation to provide clients with exactly the legal services they need.

Experienced Help

The American Bar Association recommends all lawyers do at least 50 hours of pro bono work each, and that is how we are able to offer experienced lawyers willing to serve as free attorneys for those who need them.

Our Service

Since finding lawyers who are currently open to providing pro bono legal assistance can be challenging, our service provides you with the connections you need to locate them. We maintain contact with a vast network of attorneys who notify us when they are taking this work, and we connect them to clients in need.

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Connections You Can Count On

Since we do the work of vetting the lawyers and reviewing their levels of experience in each legal niche, you know you can count on the advice you are getting to come from someone with the practical experience to know how situations play out in court, allowing us to help provide legal help for low income earners.

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Practice Areas

Our legal network practices in the following areas, covering nearly every aspect of criminal and civil litigation:

Car accidents

Collect medical expenses when you are not at fault

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Truck accidents

Holding commercial operators accountable when they cause injuries

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Personal injury

Holding property owners accountable when people are injured due to negligence

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If someone has attacked you and caused you injury, you may be able to collect damages

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Criminal defense

Everyone deserves experienced legal help and a fair trial

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Real Estate

Feel save if you are planning to invest in real estate projects, such as you own home

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